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Around 600 counterfeit Grêmio T-shirts seized in RS

On Friday afternoon (18), the Federal Highway Police (PRF) seized a vehicle carrying almost 600 counterfeit Grêmio shirts. The seizure took place on BR 285 in Passo Fundo, in the north of the state.

During an inspection on the motorway, the agents approached a Corolla with plates from Minas Gerais. When they checked the vehicle, they found a total of 596 counterfeit sports jerseys.

The driver did not present an invoice to prove the origin of the products. Counterfeiting products and goods is a practice that, as well as being a criminal offence, damages the local economy by generating unfair competition and harming traders who buy their goods in compliance with the law.

The driver, 50, had already been arrested for transporting medicines illegally. He and his passenger (51) will be charged with a crime against the property of sports organisations, under the new General Sports Law. They are both from Porto Alegre. The case was referred to the Civil Police in Passo Fundo.



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