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DEFRON seizes 7 vehicles with smuggling and embezzlement in Ponta Porã

The Civil Police, through the Department of Repression of Border Crimes - DEFRON, as part of Operation Horus, seized 7 vehicles with smuggled and embezzled products in MS 164 (Trevo do Copo Sujo), in Ponta Porã / MS.

On 05/29/2023, around 9pm, police officers in routine monitoring activity of highways and side roads of the State of Mato Grosso do Sul, aiming to combat border crimes such as drug trafficking, firearms and smuggling, seized 07 (seven) vehicles with smuggled and misappropriated products in Ponta Porã/MS, in the region known as Trevo do Copo Sujo, MS 164. The seized vehicles were driven by individuals aged between 24 and 39 years old, in a "convoy" situation, and were transporting large quantities of foreign tyres, Paraguayan cigarettes, carpets, clothes, routers and tents.

In view of the facts, those involved, along with the vehicles and the seized material, were sent to the headquarters of DEFRON, city of Dourados, where they were qualified and released.

The smuggled and embezzled products, as well as the cars, will be forwarded to the Internal Revenue Service of Ponta Porã/MS in due course. The seized material is valued at 250 thousand reais.



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