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Federal Revenue seizes BRL 3.5 million in products from Ribeirão distributor

The Federal Revenue Office in Ribeirão Preto seized BRL 3.5 million in products from a distributor of electronics, computers and perfumes in the city during an operation to combat the crimes of smuggling and embezzlement. The action took place last Friday (3) with the support of the 11th Baep (Special Police Actions Battalion) and the balance was only released on Tuesday (7).


According to the Revenue Service, the company has yet to present documentation of the regularity of the importation or acquisition of the goods in the country.


"Although the retention of the goods at the carrier was frustrated, the intelligence service of the Surveillance and Repression Team in Ribeirão Preto detected that the goods were destined for companies that operate E-Commerce in the city," said the Revenue Service.

Smuggling and embezzlement


The operation was launched following an alert from the Curitiba (PR) Division for Surveillance and Repression of Smuggling and Embezzlement to check goods at a carrier in Ribeirão Preto. The name of the company, however, was not disclosed.


The person responsible was ordered to provide documentation of the legal origin of the goods.


"If valid proof is presented, the seized goods will be promptly returned. However, if it is not possible to validate the legal entry of the products into the country, the penalty of forfeiture will be applied and the items may be destined for auction, incorporation, destination or donation, as established by the rules of the Federal Revenue Service," said the agency.




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