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FR launches operation against the sale of counterfeit and smuggled products in São Paulo city centre

The Federal Revenue Office begins today the Operation "Time de Várzea" in the region of Brás, in downtown São Paulo, with support from the Metropolitan Civil Guard of São Paulo. The name of the operation comes from the large amount of counterfeit football team shirts on sale there.

The action focuses on a shopping mall where it was verified the sale by several establishments of counterfeit goods resulting from smuggling.

Due to the volume of goods, the expected seizure is BRL 4 million in market value. The amount of federal taxes evaded corresponding to the seized goods is estimated at BRL 2 million.

The identified practice harms Brazilian traders, importers and producers who operate legally, taking away legitimate jobs and evading taxes, which are not paid into the public coffers.

Copyright and trademark rights are violated, discouraging investment by legitimate entrepreneurs in Brazil, and there is a notorious violation of consumers' rights with clandestine products that do not meet safety requirements.

The action results in losses of millions for organised crime. In addition to the loss of the seized goods, those responsible will be prosecuted for smuggling and other related crimes.

The Metropolitan Civil Guard assists with the preservation of the perimeter of the site, ensuring the safety of the proceedings.

The Federal Revenue Office remains vigilant, using its training and all available tools to identify illicit activities and to act in a precise manner at the main points of distribution of contraband in the country. More actions of this type can be expected in the coming months.



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