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Military Police seizes vehicle with smuggled goods in Jesuítas

On this Wednesday morning (13), during a routine approach in the place known as Padre Manoel da Nóbrega, the Military Police of Jesuítas found a case of smuggling. A vehicle was approached and, when inspected, it was discovered that it was carrying a large quantity of products from Paraguay.

The two occupants of the vehicle were identified, but later released. The vehicle and the goods were sent to the Federal Revenue Office in Cascavel for the appropriate legal measures.

The result of the police action was the seizure of the vehicle used to transport the goods, in addition to the recovery of 254 mobile phones, various electronic equipment, such as antennas and TV routers, and perfumery products.

The Military Police continues to act in the fight against illicit practices and reinforces the importance of the population in reporting cases of smuggling and embezzlement, collaborating for security and the fight against crime in the region.



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