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More than 700 bottles of smuggled wine seized in Nova Candelária

A team from the Military Brigade's 3rd Environmental Battalion (3ºBABM) was carrying out an inspection of riparian forests in the municipality of Nova Candelária when, on a side road, they spotted smuggled goods from Argentina in a pick-up truck.

The military police noticed the approaching vehicle, a black Ford/Ranger. They then noticed that the van had its suspension down and appeared to have a load inside.

On approach, the driver was identified and inside the vehicle, the 3rd BABM team found 129 cases of wine of foreign origin, totalling 780 bottles. The material was tightly packed and secured throughout the pickup's cargo compartment, including the back seat.

The driver was arrested and taken to the Federal Police (PF) in Santo Ângelo, where he was booked for smuggling.

The vehicle, a mobile phone and all the liquor were seized and handed over to the Federal Police.



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