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PRF seizes almost 800 pairs of counterfeit shoes in Estância

Federal road police officers seized a shipment of counterfeit footwear. The incident took place at km 151 of the BR-101 motorway, in the municipality of Estância/SE. The incident was recorded on the evening of Monday 9th.

The PRF team was carrying out inspection work when they ordered the driver of a trailer, with plates from Sergipe, to stop.

When questioned about the origin and destination of the goods, the 53-year-old man gave disjointed and contradictory answers, which aroused the police's suspicions. With the help of the Pernambuco Dog Operations Centre, a thorough inspection of the car's internal compartments was carried out and almost 800 pairs of counterfeit shoes were found alongside the load of flooring.

The driver, who did not provide tax documentation for the goods, said he was travelling with the material from the cities of Nova Serrano/MG and Cordeirópolis/SP, bound for the Sergipe municipalities of Itabaiana and Lagarto.

The case was referred to the Federal Police station for the appropriate measures.



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