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Revenue seizes BRL 564,000 in illegal products in Vitória

During the month of June, the Federal Revenue Office of the Port of Vitória (ALF/VIT) seized foreign goods estimated at more than BRL 564,000 from distribution centres and transport companies.

The seizure involved a variety of imported products, including mobile phones, drones, tablets, cameras and wines, all requiring proof of legitimate importation into Brazil.

These operations stemmed from investigations conducted by the IRS and the selection of suspicious packages by the ALF/VIT Enforcement Team.

Upon seizure, the senders will be notified to provide documentation proving the legal entry of the products into the country. If they can demonstrate payment of taxes and fulfilment of other ancillary obligations related to importation, the items will be released.

However, if the legality of the import is not proven, the goods will be subject to confiscation and may subsequently be auctioned or donated.

The mission of the Federal Revenue Office is to ensure the safety of society and to curb the practice of illegal acts that result in unemployment, tax evasion and unfair competition with legally established industry and commerce. Source:



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