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SEFA seizes goods without invoice in Cachoeira do Piriá

A lorry carrying BRL 112,000 in goods without an invoice was seized by inspectors from the State Secretariat of Finance (SEFA), at the Gurupi farm unit, municipality of Cachoeira do Piriá, in the northeast of Pará, near the border with the State of Maranhão. The cargo, which left Ceará for Roraima, was seized during routine inspection last Thursday (06).

"The truck was stopped for on-site inspection, and during the procedure it was found that there were other goods, such as clothing, belts, bags and sandals, which would be destined for the State of Pará, and were unaccompanied by invoices", explained the coordinator of the Gurupi farm unit, Marlon Santos.

The total value of the goods was BRL 112,183.89. A Term of Seizure and Deposit (TAD) was drawn up, in the amount of BRL 10,096.53, plus a fine of BRL 2,423.17.



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