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Seizure of Goods for Embezzlement in Rolândia: An Efficient Approach

Early in the morning of 09 October 2023, at around 5.30am, a customs inspection team conducted a routine operation on PR 986, km 09, in the municipality of Rolândia, in the state of Paraná. The aim of the operation was to check compliance with import laws and combat smuggling.

Description of the seizure

During the operation, a bus with the 86125 prefix, operated by the *** company and travelling from Foz do Iguaçu to São Paulo, was approached by the authorities. During the inspection, the agents found three suitcases in the luggage compartment of the bus. The suitcases were registered under the following numbers: 484800 (belonging to D. L. D. S.), 106091 (belonging to E. DA M. DE J.) and another 106091 (belonging to E. DO A. D. F.).

After opening the suitcases and checking them thoroughly, they were found to contain a variety of electronic products, including mobile phones, batteries and screens for mobile phones, as well as some perfume bottles, as reported in the information recorded on the road. The amount of goods seized was substantial: 74 mobile phones, 444 batteries, 134 mobile phone screens and 3 bottles of perfume.

The passengers who owned the suitcases were questioned about the origin and legality of the goods, but were unable to provide adequate documentation to prove that the products had been legally imported. In view of this, agents from the Federal Revenue Service were contacted for advice on the next steps.

Results obtained

After consulting the Federal Revenue agent, it was decided that the passengers involved would be released to continue their journey, since it was not possible to calculate the taxes due at that time. However, the seized goods were sent to the Federal Revenue Service yard in Londrina, where they would be subjected to evaluation procedures and a later decision on their final destination.



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