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Founded in 1990, GARE ADVOGADOS (formerly Garé & Ortiz do Amaral) has been working in intellectual property litigation and brand protection for well-known brands, concentrating its activities on combating the counterfeiting of goods, trademark, patents and industrial design infringements, unfair competition, and copyrights violation.


Besides specializing in civil and criminal litigation, the firm stands out for strategic actions against piracy and counterfeiting and also works against smuggling, parallel import, fraudulent importation, dumping as well as the sales and importation of products that do not meet public agencies requirements.


As part of our strategy for brand protection, the firm provides investigations, market survey and internet monitoring by innovated tools for intelligence services.


Working alongside all judicial spheres and several federal management agencies from all Brazilian states, the firm organizes and provides training about counterfeiting for public authorities and is involved in all initiatives carried out by public agencies, some of which include the formation of task forces to combat illicit products trade.


The firm consolidated a client´s portfolio of well-known companies of a wide range of sectors, such as luxury goods, sportswear, clothing, footwear, consumer products, heath care, spirits, auto parts, motorcycles, cosmetics, electronics, among others.

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Rua Borges Lagoa , 1070 10º floor

Vila Clementino São Paulo/SP

CEP: 04038-002





+55 11 5908.7755

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