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 About 100 thousand counterfeit products were seized in clandestine warehouse in Madureira

On this Tuesday (02), the Secretariat of Public Order (SEOP) carried out an operation to organize an irregular warehouse of street vendors on Cerqueira César Street, in Madureira, North Zone of Rio. The agents seized approximately 100 thousand fake items, including clothes, trainers, caps and bags. All already proven by the forensics of the Civil Police of the Police Department of Repression to Crimes Against Immaterial Property.

Items of counterfeit clothing were also seized in shops and a shop made of iron structure was caught in the public space, occupied irregularly. According to investigations by SEOP’s intelligence sector and the Civil Police, part of the local commerce suffers from the influence of organized crime.

“Madureira is a region that the Secretariat of Public Order will intensify enforcement operations. We have received complaints about the improper use of public space and today’s operation relied on the intelligence sector, which identified and mapped this clandestine warehouse with various counterfeit items. It is very important, inclusive, the support of the Civil Police in this type of operation, so there were large seizures of counterfeit materials, pirated, which end up cluttering the city. We will continue to act intelligently and rigorously to restore public order in Madureira,” emphasizes the Secretary of Public Order, Brenno Carnevale.

The action was planned based on a denounce received. The operation included the participation of the Police Department of Repression of Crimes against Immaterial Property (DRCPIM) and agents of the Municipal Guard of the Special Operations Group (GOE) and Mobile Tactical Group (GTM).



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