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Garé IP is a law firm specialized in Intellectual Property, with 33 years of history representing well-known companies from the most diverse sectors of the market, with over 660 brands in our portfolio.


We are a law firm focused on Brand Protection, which has among its main areas of expertise intellectual property; litigation and consultancy; combating counterfeiting; IP and technology related contracts; registration of trademarks and patents; fashion law; copyrights; industrial design and unfair competition. Garé IP also has an in-house investigation team, responsible for the monitoring and intelligence work that supports the firm's legal departments, enabling complex investigations and the location of key manufacturers and distributors of illicit goods in the country, as well as taking down critical online and offline sales channels.  


Over the years we have gathered and trained a group of specialized professionals driven by the determination to deliver the best results and to always seek creative and personalizd solutions to meet the needs of each client.


In our DNA we carry non-negotiable values and we do not compromise on the following principles: 


 Honesty, ethics, transparency and integrity;

• Care for the firm's reputation and good name;

• Collaborative environment and teamwork;

• Commitment to our clients' demands;

• Innovation in solutions and internal practices.

Historically, in 1990 we started as Garé &Ortiz do Amaral, with a small team determined to make a difference in this market. In 2018 we became Garé Advogados, with a more solid team, investing in new practice areas and a structured backoffice, so like the rest of th world, we are also constantly changing, reinventing ourselves to guarantee excellence in our service to global companies, that have been with us since the begining and demand more comprehensive and personalized work every year.


As a result of these needs, in 2024 we adopted a new identity, Garé IP. Our mission and values remain the same, but we now provide a wider range of services related to Intellectual Property. The new identity marks the expansion of our horizons to meet the demands of an innovative, digital and challenging world. 

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Ibirapuera Park, photo by Thiago Leite: The Ibirapuera neighborhood has been home to the office for over 30 years, and this image is automatically linked to Garé IP's history and identity.



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