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About 350 boxes of medicines and 90 thousand smuggled cigarettes are seized in Itabaiana

About 350 boxes of medicine and 90 thousand smuggled cigarettes were seized by teams on this Thursday (15) in Itabaiana. The information was released by the Civil Police.

According to the PC, the products were kept in storage without registration of the health surveillance agency and indication of origin.

Since receiving the information, the police were conducting surveys to catch the time when the product would be received, unloaded and stored.

The owner of the warehouse was not on site at the time of the police approach. He was notified, but did not show up at the police station to provide explanations and referred the lawyer to the police unit.

Also according to the Civil Police, due to the large amount of seized material and the involvement of other suspects, the investigations continue. Information about the case can be passed on to the complaint hotline (181).



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