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About 500 pairs of counterfeit trainers are seized in Fortaleza

The Civil Police seized, on this Monday (12), about 500 pairs of counterfeit trainers that would be sold over the Internet in Fortaleza. The seizure happened at the profile owner's house, located in Henrique Jorge neighborhood, after the police officers monitored the social networks.

The investigation began through monitoring and then the civil police officers identified the business establishment with activity in the virtual environment, where counterfeit trainers of various brands would be sold. The investigative work was conducted by the 27th Police District Police Station (27th DP).

With the police work on this Monday, a team located the residence of the owner of the shop. On site, the team found all the counterfeit goods, being about 500 pairs of trainers.

All the goods and the owner were taken to the Police Station of the 27th Police District (27th PD), where it was set against the owner of the goods a Circumstantiated Term of Occurrence (TCO) for crimes against intellectual property and trademarks.

After the appropriate procedures at the police station, the goods were seized at the police unit. The Civil Police continues with the investigations in order to investigate other people who may have involvement with the crime.



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