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Anatel seizes 10 tonnes of counterfeit products in Porto Alegre

A joint operation by Anatel, Inmetro, the Federal Revenue Service and the Civil Police in Rio Grande do Sul on 5 October seized 10 tonnes of counterfeit products, most of it equipment not certified by the agency, especially mobile phone chargers.

"A total of 886 volumes were seized, with an estimated weight of more than ten tonnes, and approximately 67% of these volumes were products not approved by Anatel," the agency announced on Monday 16 October.

The aim of the operation, called "Consumidor Seguro" (Safe Consumer), was not only to curb the sale of telecommunications products without Anatel approval, but also to combat the sale of counterfeit products without brand authorisation or which do not meet safety and quality specifications. While two-thirds were telecoms equipment, another large proportion were electronic toys.

"During the inspection, which took place in four wholesale establishments, thousands of telecommunications products were found and seized, mainly mobile phone chargers, without the proper approval from Anatel. A number of other products were also seized without proven legal origin, in disagreement with consumer safety legislation or without Inmetro certification," says Anatel.



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