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Civil Police operation seizes 80 teddy bear machines in Rio and Baixada shopping malls

Civil police officers from the Police Station for the Repression of Crimes Against Intangible Property (DRCPIM) seized 80 stuffed animal machines in shopping malls in Rio and São João de Meriti, in the Baixada Fluminense. According to the investigations that led to the operation, called Mãos Leves (Light Hands), there is a suspicion that the machines are programmed to allow the prize to be captured only after a certain number of plays. If this is confirmed, the misdemeanor of exploiting a game of chance will be characterized.

According to delegate Pedro Brasil, head of the DRCPIM, the investigation began around three months ago to investigate the counterfeiting of plush toys of trademarked characters. During the investigation, however, the suspicion of gambling also arose. In Tuesday's action, counterfeit stuffed animals were also found.

- During the forensic examination that found the counterfeits, suspicions arose that the machine system was rigged, only allowing the prize to be won after a certain number of plays. It has nothing to do with the skill of the player - he explains, saying that it is not yet possible to know the size of the scam. - It wasn't possible to get to all the machines in Rio, but it's a scheme worth millions of reais.

The seizures also took place in a shed in Jacarezinho where machines were being assembled. An electronics technician and employees who worked on the assembly were taken to DRCPIM to give explanations, but remained silent.

The machines were seized and sent for forensics. Those responsible for the establishments where the equipment was located were taken to the specialized police station to provide clarifications. Investigations are continuing into the possible involvement of a criminal organization in the activity, as well as money laundering.



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