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DOF seizes smuggled goods worth BRL 209,000 on MS-164

DOF (Department of Border Operations) agents seized six vehicles loaded with products of foreign origin and without legal documentation for circulation and trade in Brazil, last Wednesday afternoon (24) in Ponta Porã.


The military police were carrying out checks on the MS-164 motorway, in a rural area of the municipality, when they ordered the drivers to stop. According to the police, a total of 2,250 packets of cigarettes, 70 tyres of various sizes, a pressed bale of clothes and a bale of glasses were seized. The estimated loss to the crime was BRL 209,000.


According to the police, the case was registered and handed over to the Federal Police Station in Ponta Porã, where the seven people arrested remained. The vehicles and goods were handed over to the Federal Revenue Office in that city.



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