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Federal Revenue Service seizes imported mobile phones and electronics sold without receipts in Minas

The Federal Revenue Service (RF) seized imported mobile phones and electronics that were being sold without invoices in the Minas Gerais cities of Ubá and Rio Pomba, in the Zona da Mata, during an operation carried out this week. The value of the imported goods exceeds BRL 500,000.

According to RF information, the irregular trade in smartphones and other electronics was taking place in several shops in the cities of Ubá and Rio Pomba. The goods entered the country irregularly, "circumventing the payment of mandatory taxes", as well as not having passed homologation tests by the responsible agencies, such as ANATEL.

The operation was called "Gray Line", in reference to a line of products from a renowned brand of electronic equipment. According to the investigations, the importers of these electronics refer to the irregularly imported devices as "grey line" devices.



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