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PM seizes almost BRL 32 thousand in smuggled wine in the region

A team of Military Police (PM) seized on Wednesday night (20), a large amount of wine smuggled from Paraguay. The merchandise was valued at BRL 31.5 thousand. The products were seized at a fuel station, on the banks of the BR-369 motorway, in the city of Juranda.

The police were travelling from Juranda to Ubiratã, when they spotted the driver of a Peugeout/207SW XR vehicle, number plates from São Paulo, quickly entering the back of the courtyard of a gas station, hiding behind a bus after spotting the car. The behaviour caught the attention of the officers, who opted to approach the car

In the search of the car, 35 boxes of wine were found, containing 6 units each, totalling an approximate value of BRL 31.5 thousand. The driver of the vehicle was identified by the initials L.C.T.S..

When questioned about the origin of the goods, she reported that twice a week she waits for the car on the Juranda dividing road and takes it to the courtyard of the station where she was approached. She then delivers the products to people on a passenger bus bound for São Paulo. For the service, the woman said she receives the amount of BRL 75.00.

She also informed that she does not know who passes the car to her. She also could not inform the recipient. In view of the situation, she was sent together with the car to the Juranda Military Police detachment to make a police report.

In contact with the Federal Police of Cascavel, the delegate on duty advised the PM to make a police report with identification of the woman and that she would be released later.The vehicle was seized along with the goods, being forwarded to the Federal Revenue Service of Cascavel.



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