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Police seize convoy of 14 cars with BRL 1 million in goods

The Civil Police seized 14 vehicles used to transport smuggled and unrouted goods on the BR-267, between the towns of Angélica and Nova Alvorada do Sul, on Thursday (26).

The drivers were identified, qualified and released. They will be charged with the offences of smuggling and embezzlement.

The products, which ranged from clothes, lighters, fishing tackle, glasses, toys, padlocks, wristwatches, mobile phone accessories, various electronic devices, perfumes, hair clippers, perfumery products, bales of socks, footwear and cigarette packets, came from Paraguay and were bound for São Paulo, where they would be sprayed on the shops of various cities.

Among the goods and vehicles seized, the total value is around BRL 1 million.

According to Nova News, the intercepted convoy was taken to the headquarters of Defron (Border Crimes Repression Police), located in the municipality of Dourados, where all the vehicles and goods were seized for later delivery to the Federal Revenue Service in Ponta Porã.



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