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PRF seizes 240 bottles of wine illegally imported from Italy and Chile, in Floriano-PI

The Federal Highway Police (PRF) seized yesterday afternoon (29), on BR 230, in Floriano (PI), a cargo of 240 bottles of wine, valued at BRL 24,000 thousand, illegally imported from Italy and Chile. The goods were being transported on an interstate bus, which had as its origin São Paulo (SP) and destination the city of Piripiri (PI).

In circumstance, the team was conducting surveillance in order to guide passengers from public transport, when they approached the vehicle. However, one detail caught the attention of the police: several white boxes stored inside the vehicle.

Asked about, one of the bus drivers, a man of 31 years, said he was carrying 20 boxes of drinks for a known resident of the municipality of Piripiri (PI). In addition, he also said that the goods had no invoices.

In total, the agents found 240 bottles of wine 750ml, of Italian and Chilean origin. Given the facts, the seized products and the occurrence were forwarded to the Federal Police of Teresina for adoption of the appropriate procedures.

It is important to emphasize that the crime of smuggling, provided in art. 334 of the Penal Code, refers to the act of evading, in whole or in part, the payment of duty or tax due for the entry, exit or consumption of goods. In addition to being a crime, the practice also represents unfair competition with regularly established traders and reduces the number of jobs with signed work cards in the country.



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