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PRF seizes illegal beverages and medicines in Santa Maria

On Wednesday afternoon (16), the Federal Highway Police seized drinks and medicines illegally acquired in Uruguay. The raid took place on the BR 158 motorway in Santa Maria.

During an anti-crime operation, federal highway officers approached a Jeep Compass that was coming from the Uruguayan border region.

When they inspected the vehicle, they found several bottles of liquor, some of which were hidden in the steppe compartment. When asked for proof of purchase, the driver presented a false invoice.

Among the goods found were wines with a high market value, being sold for almost BRL 7,000 in Brazil. In addition, some cartons of banned medicines were found. The value of the seizure totalled approximately BRL 30,000.

The driver, 38 years old and from Três de Maio, already has several criminal records for embezzlement and embezzlement.

The goods and the vehicle were seized and sent to the Federal Revenue Service. The driver was arrested and sent to the Federal Police for the offences of smuggling, embezzlement and using a false document.



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