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Results of the "Remessa Conforme" Program

Recently, the Federal Revenue released the results of an important initiative to combat the illegal market in Brazil, with the Postal and Express Shipment Service (Serpe) of the São Paulo Customs Office (ALF/SP) implementing the "Remessa Conforme" program, which, among other purposes, aims to increase control and inspection of products sold on marketplaces. From January to this moment, around 10.3 tons of products (approximately 2.8 million reais) have been seized on suspicion of being counterfeit, most of which are clothes from China. 

Currently, São Paulo Customs Department holds the 2nd position in terms of the number of packages processed in Brazil, with more than 5.8 million Import Declarations of Shipment registered this quarter. The significant volume of products processed demonstrates the strength of the Federal Revenue and the extensive work carried out by public authorities and brand owners to combat the illegal market.

Congratulations to the Federal Revenue agents involved in this important work.


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