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Revenue seizes 756 bottles of wine in ES; labels reach BRL 2,8 thousand

The Customs of the Port of Vitória (ALF/VIT) retained 756 bottles of wine of Argentine origin in three carriers in Espírito Santo, during Operation Dionisio, finalised on Thursday (20). In the retained lots there are brands that can reach BRL 2,860.00 at the time of sale.

The Gazette found that the drinks entered Brazil irregularly and there may have been fraud in the payment of taxes when entering the country. The seized material may be auctioned or destined for public agencies. But the greatest likelihood, according to Customs, is for an auction to take place.

The retention of cargo like this by the IRS seeks to inhibit the practice of crimes that generate unemployment, tax evasion and unfair competition to industry and commerce regularly installed, protecting local commerce and safeguarding the country's economy.

Customs said the wines were going to hotels, restaurants and individuals in Espírito Santo and the sender was a recently opened decoration company from Paraná. The invoices accompanying the goods were described as "plaster works", pointing to a strong indication of fraud in the commercialisation.

Most of the bottles detained are of high-value fine wines, commercialised in the regular national market for prices ranging from BRL 85.00 to BRL 2,860.00 each. The total estimated value of the goods is BRL 183 thousand.

The Customs Enforcement Team in Vitória explained that they routinely carry out this type of operation, using risk analysis surveys, but that due to the large volume of wines, it was necessary to go to the carrier for several days.



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