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Almost two thousand pairs with signs of counterfeit are seized on BR-040

Agents of the Special Force of Foreign Exchange Control – Operation Focus – and auditors of the Treasury Office seized nearly two thousand pairs of trainers with signs of counterfeiting, on Tuesday, 18th, in Comendador Levy Gasparian (RJ).

According to the teams, the shoes copied famous brands and came from the city of Nova Serrana (MG). The goods would be delivered in the capital of Rio de Janeiro.

“Once again we can magnify the importance of integration between Operation Focus and the Treasury Office. The result is always positive,” emphasises the Special Undersecretary of Foreign Exchange Control, Colonel Eduardo Vaz Castelano.

The seizure took place at the Control and Inspection Post which is located at KM 6.5 of Federal Highway BR-040. The vehicle entered the post and the driver presented invoice without collecting ICMS. After checking was identified the suspected counterfeiting of the goods.

The occurrence was forwarded to the Civil Police station in Três Rios. Altogether 1,986 pairs of trainers were seized.



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