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Araçatuba Military Road Police make 2nd seizure of products from Paraguay this week

On Wednesday afternoon (8), the Araçatuba (SP) Military Road Police seized two women, whose identities have not been released, after catching them with more than BRL 100,000 in goods smuggled from Paraguay. It was the second such bust this week.

This time the arrest took place at around 3pm, at kilometer 311 of the Assis Chateaubriand highway (SP-425), in Braúna, by a TOR (Tático Ostensivo Rodoviário) team. The police were carrying out Operation Imapcto/Cosud and approached a bus that was traveling interstate. During an interview with the passengers, the team noticed the nervousness of the two women and checked their luggage, which was in the outer luggage compartment.


According to the police, during the inspection they found 31 Iphones and 74 Xiaomi cell phones; 2 Apple Pencil; 2 Apple Pad; 2 Apple Macbook; 2 Apple Watch; 2 Alexas; 5 cables; 10 Apple chargers; 1 video game; and 2 bottles of wine.

The goods were valued at more than BRL 100,000 and were brought from Paraguay, but were without the respective invoices. The women were then taken to the Federal Police Station in Araçatuba along with the seized goods and had their arrest confirmed by the police chief who presided over the case.

According to the information, one of the accused has a criminal record. The two remained at the disposal of the courts and would be presented at a custody hearing.

Another case

On Monday (6), a TOR team arrested a man with 214 cell phones of various brands and a box of fishing equipment during an inspection on the Gabriel Melhado highway (SP-461) in Bilac. In this case, he was driving a pick-up truck and was also held for trial.



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