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Customs retains 17 containers with counterfeit goods at Port of Santos

The Customs of the Federal Revenue Office of Brazil in the Port of Santos is performing the retention of 17 containers containing counterfeit goods.

According to the Federal Revenue Office, the selection of the cargo was made by the Risk Management area of the Federal Revenue Office, with the insertion of parameters in systems managed by the Institution and analysis of the resulting information. During the process, the images of scanners of the cargo units are also used.

So far, the physical verification of 15 containers and the confirmation of counterfeiting of part of the goods have been completed.

The agency explains that, with the presentation of reports of inauthenticity of the brands affected, these loads were separated and retained for the formalization of the seizure of more than 84 tons of various types of goods including: speakers, mini games, electronic cigarettes, mobile phones, batteries, automotive parts, honey of love, chargers, anesthetic ointment, shoes, clock routers, mobile phone cases, bags and headphones.

Regarding the automotive parts, the Revenue Office highlights the potential risks of damage to vehicles and the lives of their drivers, passengers and third parties. Among the counterfeit goods were found parts for suspension, brake pads and fluids, airbags, shock absorbers, lubricating oils, spark plugs, and nozzles for diesel engines in trucks, among others.

A fire broke out in a box containing counterfeit mobile phone batteries during the physical checking of the cargo. This fact demonstrates the risks of transportation and the dangers that we are subject to when using this type of merchandise

The sale of counterfeit products violates copyrights, causes damage to the treasury (loss in tax collection), increases unemployment rates, triggers the practice of unfair competition, feeds organized crime and can cause serious accidents or even fatalities.



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