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DEFRON seizes convoy of 7 vehicles operating in smuggling

The Civil Police, through the Department of Repression of Border Crimes - DEFRON, seized seven vehicles loaded with smuggled and illegal goods in the city of Ponta Porã, border with Paraguay. Around 1 AM on the 22nd, Defron teams on patrol along Highway MS-164, near the cloverleaf of Copo Sujo, came across a convoy of seven vehicles and approached them for inspection.

After checking the vehicles, it was found that they were transporting various smuggled and illegal goods, such as lots of clothes, perfumery, glasses, wristwatches, mobile phone batteries, hair dryers, lead, shisha essence and cigarettes.

Faced with the verification of crimes the occupants of the vehicles were taken to the headquarters of DEFRON and later. The vehicles and goods will be delivered to the Federal Revenue of Brazil. The seizure represents to organized crime damage around BRL 500 thousand. From statements of the individuals caught, others will be identified.



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