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Federal Revenue Office seizes 900 bottles of fine wines in a transporter in Londrina

Teams of surveillance and repression of smuggling of the Federal Revenue Office in Londrina seized 900 bottles of wine with high added value - about BRL 150 per bottle. The event was recorded on Monday (5), during searches and inspections that teams were conducting in several carriers in the region.

According to the Federal Revenue Office, there was no regular customs and phytosanitary documentation of the goods. Now the Federal Revenue Office will investigate and seek to identify those responsible for these administrative and criminal irregularities.

The practice of irregular introduction of wines in Brazil has increased exponentially in recent years, driven by two main factors: the low price of the drink in Argentina and the increased consumption of fine wines in Brazil. These are usually expensive drinks, which attract the interest of consumers with high purchasing power.

This irregular trade causes losses for the domestic industry and for sellers who operate legally, because by not paying the taxes due, the criminals end up performing an unfair competition that makes the operations of taxpayers who meet their obligations unfeasible.

In addition, these beverages enter and transit in precarious conditions of storage and preservation, harming the essential characteristics responsible for their high trading value and, above all, endangering the health of consumers.

Those responsible for this type of operation may be held liable for the administrative loss of the goods and for the crimes of smuggling and public health hazard.



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