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Load of smuggling and embezzlement estimated at almost half a million reais is seized in MS-379

On this Monday (15), the DOF (Department of Border Operations) seized almost half a million reais in smuggling and embezzlement materials, at MS-379, in Laguna Carapã. The products were transported in three cars.

According to police information, the team was doing policing in the rural area of the city when they approached the convoy. Three people were arrested in the action.

In the Ford/Fiesta, GM/Astra and Fiat/Palio vehicles, several packages of cigarettes, padlocks, watches, lighters, electronic cigarettes, communicator radios, Wi-Fi repeaters, processors, car speakers and tyres valued at approximately BRL 420,000 were seized.

The drivers of the vehicles, who were 24, 26 and 27 years old, said they picked up the loaded cars in Pedro Juan Caballero, Paraguay, to leave them in the district of Vila Vargas, in Dourados, where they would receive BRL 400 for the transport.

Part of the seized material was sent to the Federal Police of Dourados and another part to the Federal Revenue Service of Dourados.

The action involving the DOF police officers took place within Operation Horus, a partnership between the State Department of Justice and Public Safety and the Ministry of Justice and Public Safety, during inspection approaches on highway BR-487.



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