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Man is arrested by the Military Police in SP - 294, for smuggling and embezzlement

In the early hours of this Tuesday (04), around 04h13min, the Military Police team, during patrolling by the municipality of Tupi Paulista / SP, was informed via Copom, about a white VW / Gol vehicle transiting the SP-294 highway, towards Paulicéia x Tupi Paulista, would be suspected of carrying illicit products.

Immediately, the military travelled to the informed location, where the vehicle, at high speed, was travelling near KM 659.

Immediately, support from other vehicles was requested, initiating a brief follow-up to the vehicle. According to the standard operating procedure the vehicle was approached and the driver (man, 30 years), was subjected to personal search and nothing illegal was located.

And when questioned, he confessed to carrying products from Paraguay in his vehicle without an invoice. In vehicle search was found in the boot and back seat, 05 (five) bales, being 03 (three) bales containing approximately 180 kg of various clothing, 01 (one) bale containing 1,400 various glasses and 01 (one) bale containing 600 electronic cigarettes.

The driver claimed that he took the goods at the bus station in the city of Campo Grande to the city Presidente Prudente, where at the bus station he would deliver the smuggled products to an unknown man and receive the value of BRL 500 for transport services.

He also claimed that he performs this type of service three times a week.

In view of the facts, the accused was arrested for smuggling. Vehicle and goods were driven and presented at the Federal Police Station, where the goods, a mobile phone and BRL 37.00, were seized and the accused remained in prison at the disposal of the Justice.


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