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Military Police seizes more than BRL 90 thousand in smuggling in Nova Casa Verde

The 8th Military Police Battalion, through the team engaged in Operation Horus, seized in the early hours of Friday (30), two vehicles, being a Renault Duster and a Ford Fiesta Sedan, loaded with smuggled products, from Paraguay, without the proper documentation of fiscal proof.

The team was performing approaches on the MS-134 highway, in the District of Nova Casa Verde, when they spotted and approached a Ford Fiesta vehicle, with number plate number Três Lagoas, driven by a 36-year-old man, who was heading towards Campo Grande – Bataguassu.

A search was conducted inside the vehicle, where 12 volumes (boxes) of lighters of various brands and models and 01 tyre ball, containing 05 units of tyres of various brands and sizes, coming from Paraguay-PY, without the proper documentation, were found in the boot.

In an interview, the author said he acquired the goods in Dourados for BRL 5 thousand and would take them to the city of Dracena (SP).

The second seizure occurred later, during an approach near the roundabout of BR-267 with MS-134, when a Renault Duster vehicle, with number plate of Monte Aprazível (SP), driven by a 51-year-old man was approached.

When performing the vehicle search, it was found that the driver was carrying 38 boxes of padlocks of various brands and models, which, according to him, had been purchased in Paraguay, in the city of Pedro Juan Caballero and would sell in the city of José Bonifácio (SP).

Asked if he had an invoice, the man replied that he did not. Asked about the value of the goods, he replied that the boxes of padlocks were valued at BRL 13,000 and the 05 tyres at BRL 1,000, totaling BRL 14,000 in smuggled goods.

Along with the goods, the vehicle was seized with an approximate value of BRL 50 thousand.

In view of the facts, the goods and the vehicle were seized and after counting, totaled more than BRL 90 thousand reais. The seizures were forwarded to the IRS in Campo Grande. Already the authors, were released and will respond for the crime of smuggling with the Federal Justice.



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