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Operation at the airport results in the seizure of BRL 500 thousand in smuggling

Federal Police teams seized BRL 500 thousand in smuggled goods in an operation conducted over the weekend at the airport in Foz. The seizures were registered in the passenger boarding areas with the help of X-ray devices.

Among the goods collected were latest-generation mobile phones, cameras, and beverages. The products were retained because they did not have documents proving the regularity in the import. All material collected in the action was sent to the Federal Revenue Office.

The seizures are the result of an intensified surveillance system. In the new modality, the police inspect the bags after the dispatch and monitor the luggage with X-rays. The number of agents has also been reinforced in recent months.

"With this, the number of seizures of misappropriated foreign goods has been growing monthly, since the removal of X-ray equipment from the entrance of the check-in area gave the false impression that there would be no more customs supervision," explained the PF.



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