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Operation collects almost 10 tonnes of counterfeit toys and electronics in Porto Alegre

On Thursday morning (5), a joint operation targeted the trade in pirated toys and electronics in the centre of Porto Alegre. Until late morning, the operation was still underway. The Civil Police estimate that the amount seized exceeds 10 tonnes of goods.

Three search and seizure warrants were also served to combat the commercialisation of counterfeit brands in the region.

The action took place in four wholesale establishments, where fake and unproven items were found, as well as non-compliance with safety legislation.

Among the products were toys that imitate industrial design and use world-famous product brands without certification from the National Institute of Metrology, Quality and Technology (Inmetro). There were also electronics and accessories for mobile phones that did not comply with the National Telecommunications Agency (Anatel).

It is suspected that the products were being sold throughout the state, as the shops were wholesalers. The items are now the responsibility of the Civil Police and the Federal Revenue Service, which will analyse the tax compliance of the goods.

Those responsible for the establishments could face charges of industrial property offences, embezzlement and smuggling.

The Consumer Protection Police Station, Receita Federal, Anatel and Inmetro took part in the offensive.



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