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Operation detains four buses and BRL 800,000 in goods on BR-277

The Federal Revenue Service of Brazil (RFB) and the Federal Highway Police (PRF) carried out a joint operation on BR-277, in Santa Terezinha de Itaipu, on Saturday, 5. The action aimed to curb smuggling and the misappropriation of goods.

The agencies seized and sealed four buses and retained products that were valued at approximately BRL 828 thousand. Among the confiscated goods are the following items:

toys; liquor electronics; and garments.

The RFB clarified that the operation aims to protect the formal economy and combat illicit activities. The agency emphasised the importance of integrated action with other corporations against "illegal practices" and for "border security".

The work reflects "the effort of the authorities to combat the crimes of smuggling, embezzlement, drug trafficking, weapons, ammunition", said the IRS. And "the other cross-border crimes, protecting the country's economy and the safety of citizens".



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