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Perfumes, watches and clothes: police seize 8,000 counterfeit products in Barueri

Civil police officers from Barueri’s 1st General Investigations Police Station (DIG) seized more than 8,000 counterfeit products on Wednesday (21). The goods, bearing the names of international brands, were being sold at prices well below market value.


The team was investigating the sale of counterfeit products in the Barueri region. With the information gathered, it was possible to request the issuance of search and seizure warrants for the suspected location, a warehouse in the Jardim Florida neighborhood.


At the site, 7,374 designer perfumes, 155 moisturizers, 52 watches and 547 pieces of underwear were seized. Based on the quality, characteristics of the clothing and the sale value, the products were determined to be counterfeit.


Two men responsible for the goods were taken to the police station to give evidence and are being investigated.


The case was registered as a search and seizure warrant, crime against industrial property and counterfeiting of therapeutic or medicinal products at the 1st DIG Police Station (Barueri).



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