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PMRv seizes smuggling from Argentina valued at more than BRL 88 thousand

The State Highway Military Police (PMRv), Bom Jesus Post, seized a cargo valued at more than BRL 88 thousand, in smuggled drinks. The Occurrence of Embezzlement was registered this Tuesday (18), at 9:45 pm, on Highway SC 480, at kilometre 67.200, in the Municipality of Ipuaçu / SC.

The PMRV Garrison, through the Tactical Ostensive Road (TOR), during tactical patrol, approached a Fiat / Palio vehicle, driven by a 43-year-old man. When opening the boot of the car, it was found the existence of several boxes of alcoholic beverage of wine type, of Argentine origin, which entered irregularly in the Brazilian territory.

According to the evaluation of the police, the cargo of approximately 330 bottles of wine, totalled an estimated value of BRL 88,400. The goods and the vehicle were seized and forwarded to the IRS for further action. The owner of the smuggled goods will answer for the crime of embezzlement, in federal court.



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