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Police arrest 26 people with smuggled goods worth BRL 2 million

A convoy of six vans and a car with BRL 2 million in smuggling and embezzlement materials was seized on Tuesday (5) when it was intercepted by a DOF (Department of Border Operations) team in Maracaju.

According to police reports, the action took place on the MS-164, resulting in the arrest of 26 people. A couple of teenagers, both aged 17, were apprehended.

The police were patrolling near the Vista Alegre district when they approached vehicles fully loaded with smuggled goods. The goods were being transported in trailers and inside the vans.

All the detainees told the police that they had picked up the goods in Pedro Juan Caballero, Paraguay, and would take them to Campo Grande.

In addition to smuggling and embezzlement, the driver of one of the vehicles will be charged with tampering with a vehicle's licence plate. Those involved were taken to the Federal Police Station in Dourados, with the seized materials valued at BRL 2 million. The minors were handed over to Defron (Specialised Police Station for Repression of Border Crimes).



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