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Police seizes anabolic steroids and smuggled products in PR-317, in Toledo

A man, 23 years, was approached by the Military Police this Sunday afternoon (04), in PR 317, in Toledo carrying anabolic steroids and other smuggled products.

According to information, the teams were conducting patrols on the road when they gave the order to stop a vehicle GM Montana, which was following in the direction of Assis Chateaubriand.

During the approach the driver said he was transporting wines and toys, the officers then carried out inspection of the vehicle and found 31 boxes of electronic cigarettes, 35 boxes of wines, electronics such as security cameras, toys. The officers also found approximately 462 bottles of perfumes and about 90 units of medicines and anabolic steroids.

The car and the products were seized and forwarded to the police station of the Federal Police of Cascavel and then to the Federal Revenue of Cascavel for appropriate measures.



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