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PRF seizes 2 thousand units of clothes without invoice in the interior of Alagoas

The Federal Highway Police (PRF) announced on this Monday (5) the seizure of 2 thousand units of clothes without invoice. The goods were caught on Saturday (3) at kilometre 129 of BR-101, in the municipality of São Miguel dos Campos, Zona da Mata of the state of Alagoas.

According to information provided to the report, the clothes were being transported in a white Fiat/Doblo vehicle. In total, 100 bales containing clothes of various sizes were found inside the car, all without tax documents. It is suspected that the goods have been brought from Caruaru, in the interior of Pernambuco.

The seized clothes were forwarded to the Finance Department of the State of Alagoas (SEFAZ/AL) so that the proper analysis can be performed. There is no information available about the arrest of the driver responsible for transporting the cargo.

The seizure of products without invoices is an illegal practice that can result in legal penalties and damage to regular trade and the country's economy. The Federal Highway Police, together with the tax authorities, has intensified inspections on the roads to combat the illegal transportation of goods and ensure legality in trade.



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