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PRF seizes around 10,000 pieces of clothing without tax documentation in Picos

In the early hours of Monday (01), during an inspection on the BR-316 motorway in Picos (PI), the Federal Highway Police (PRF) seized a load of approximately 10,000 items of clothing without tax documentation. The goods were being transported in a bus that had left Pernambuco.


When they approached the bus, the agents found that the vehicle was carrying a large load of clothing, occupying the entire lower luggage compartment and about two-thirds of the passenger compartment. According to the bus passengers, the goods were estimated at around 10,000 items.


The police then asked the driver for the invoice for the cargo. However, he informed them that he did not have the document corresponding to the goods being transported. This meant, in principle, that the driver was transporting national goods without an invoice.


"This offence not only violates current legislation, but also contributes to tax evasion and generates unfair competition in the clothing trade."


In view of the irregularities found, a police report was drawn up. The case was forwarded to the Piauí State Treasury Department (SEFAZ/PI) so that the appropriate legal procedures could be taken.


"The PRF reinforces its commitment to rigorous inspection and ensuring the legality of goods transport, with a view to curbing practices that harm the economy and flout the criminal code."



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