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Revenue seizes BRL 10.5 million in counterfeit goods in SP

São Paulo - The Federal Revenue Service seized 780 counterfeit luxury brand handbags, glasses and accessories on Thursday morning (10/8), in the Liberdade neighbourhood, in the centre of São Paulo. The action is part of Operation Fake Luxury 2 and confiscated BRL 10.5 million in volumes with counterfeit goods

The operation covers a total of ten establishments, located in two commercial galleries. Warehouses used by the shops were also located on the upper floors of one of the buildings.

In the first operation, carried out in 2022 in the same region, goods valued at BRL 5 million were seized.

In a previous survey, the IRS found that several establishments still persist in selling prohibited products. Counterfeit products are considered "high quality" and sold, in some cases, for thousands of reais.

According to the IRS, the trade in counterfeit goods feeds an organised crime network. "The practice harms Brazilian traders, importers and producers who operate legally, subtracts legitimate jobs and evades taxes, which are no longer collected from public coffers," it said in a statement.

Those responsible will be represented for the crime of smuggling and for others that may be identified in the course of administrative proceedings.



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