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Seizure of counterfeit beverages in the MRC grows 226% in one year

A survey by the Brazilian Beverage Association (Abrabe) showed that the Metropolitan Region of Campinas is the most critical area in the state of Sao Paulo in counterfeiting of alcoholic beverages. The number rose 226%, from 5,925 bottles of 750 ml in 2021 to 19,344 last year.

Abrabe's president, Cristiane Foja, says that counterfeiting has been a problem in the region for more than 20 years, and what has increased are the seizures, not the production of illegal liquor.

Sold at a lower price than in the traditional market, the counterfeit beverage can cause health problems to those who consume it, as the association's president explains.

Counterfeiting is responsible for the detour of about BRL 6 million per year. The recommendation for retailers and consumers not to fall for the scam is, first of all, to be suspicious if the price is too low, and also always buy from credible establishments.



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