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State Highway Police seizes more than 400 bottles of Argentine wine on PR-585 in Toledo

On this Tuesday (18), a team of the State Highway Police was conducting patrols on state highway PR-585 in the municipality of Toledo, when near the Km 28 saw a Chevrolet/Spin vehicle with number plates BH/MG, silver colour, traveling towards the city of Toledo. The vehicle’s characteristics, such as tinted windows and low body, aroused the suspicion of the team, which immediately gave the order to stop.

When searching the interior of the vehicle, 491 bottles of wines of Argentine origin, of various brands such as Angelica Zapata, DV Catena and Almanegra were found in the boot and rear seats. In view of the facts, the goods were seized and forwarded to the Federal Revenue Office in Cascavel, under the guidance of Dr. Delegate on Duty Mr. Marcelo Puciudis.

Not being necessary the seizure and presentation of the vehicle and its driver, the highway police continue investigating the origin and destination of the seized goods. The importation of products without the proper tax declaration is considered a crime of smuggling, provided in Article 334 of the Penal Code.



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